Friday, April 25, 2008

Things like this happen all the time

OK. So we bought a motorcycle, right? We got the title and were looking it over when we noticed something. There were 10,000 more miles on the title than the odometer. Interesting. So, The Husband calls the dealership and asks them what the hell is going on. They, of course, start to freak out because title fraud is a crime. We brought the bike back to them so they could check it over. Turns out the odometer had been replaced and whoever replaced it didn't bother to correct the mileage. Nice one. We've grown tired of dealing with these people so we're getting our money back. Now we have to find another bike.

On a side note, we went to look at an apartment the other night in Middleboro. The place was the size of a shoe box. We wound up having an interesting conversation with the realtor about prostitutes and strippers. That was fun.

More bikes and apartments to look at tomorrow and if we're lucky, we'll get some really good news from our BFF's. Keep your fingers crossed!

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