Sunday, April 20, 2008

Letter to a Scumbag

I can't believe after all we've done for you, you can live with what you've done to us. How many times did he pull you from the edge? And for what? He should have let you fall, but you were his "brother". "Family".

You disrespected us at every turn and still, we took you back in. You were "family". I kept telling him you weren't worth it. You were a horrible friend and only cared about your own selfish needs. You are truly a scumbag and I'm glad I got to finally tell you that. The best part is, your karma has already gotten you. Look where your life has gone. I pity you. You are utterly pathetic and a complete disappointment.

I thank God we have people that we can actually trust. I don't know where our heads would be right now without them.

P.S. I am SO happy your ex-fiance got to see that go down while her amazing husband was 20 feet away.

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