Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm pretty bad at keeping up with this blogging thing...

So Dom busted his foot down the Cape on the 4th and it's sort of put our summer on hold. He hasn't been able to get on the bike since then. We're hoping that by next week he'll be back on.

Carolyn and Harris's house is pretty much the shit. They're antique fanatics and they're filling the house with some amazing pieces. It feels so comfy and homey already.

We found a place a few minutes down the road from them that we're trying to rent. It's so perfect for us, it's almost scary. The landlords are awesome people. They all ride motorcycles. They're young with an adorable son. Really sweet family. I really hope we get it. The yard is not to be believed. Plus, we can get a dog! So keep your fingers crossed for us!

There's some other big stuff going on, but nothing I really want to talk about here. At least not yet. So that's about it for now. Hopefully, I will be back with some good news by next week!