Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's funny how things happen...

So we were all set to buy this motorcycle from MOM's. We were planning on going yesterday to finalize the sale. Halfway through the day I started to feel like shit and so did Dom. We decided to stay home and go today instead. We happen to look on Craig's List just to check one last time for a better deal. We found one. A Honda Shadow ACE 1100, fully loaded. It's gorgeous. It has a custom paint job, V&H pipes, Cobra driver and passenger floorboards and saddle bags. We got it cheaper than any of the other bikes we had seen. The best part is, it comes with riding buddies. The guy we bought it off of had one request. He wants to see the bike riding with his group. It makes me feel better knowing The Husband will be riding with experienced people. They'll protect him from the other assholes on the road.

Pictures to come soon.

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